IARS (DF series) bar, KTV, entertainment speakers


  At this year's Guangzhou exhibition, IARS grandly launched the DF series of professional entertainment speakers, which attracted much attention once it was unveiled. The DF series is a lightweight, high-output and high-performance full-range speaker; it is specially designed for bar and KTV room applications. It currently includes 4 models: 8", 10", 12", 15" Four full-range speakers.

MF-8 1 2000.jpg

MF-10 1 2000.jpg

DF series cabinets are all made of 18mm multi-layer high-quality birch plywood. The box body is specially equipped with multiple reinforcing ribs to strengthen the overall stability of the box and effectively reduce the box resonance during loud sound pressure. The surface is treated with black imported wear-resistant paint. The cabinet is trapezoidal and equipped with 2x NL 4MP interface. When connected with other equipment, it is equipped with two ordinary bars with 100mm spacing and KTV speaker M8 hanging mounting points, which is more convenient for horizontal installation. High-pitched and woofer units are equipped with high efficiency. Made of boron magnetic steel material; round horn, 70x70 degree coverage angle, evenly and flatly covering the sound horizontally or vertically.

MF-12 1 2000.jpg

MF-15 1 2000.jpg

DF series entertainment speakers re-tuned the crossover circuit, which is further improved on the basis of the original good singing, and the sound performance is more full and delicate. The treble part is extremely transparent and extremely penetrating. The low frequency is full, low and flexible, and the mid-frequency is round and clear. The excellent throat feel makes you feel easy and easy to sing.

Generally speaking, relax in the bar or sing in the KTV room. In addition to the appearance of the decoration that you see at first sight, the deepest feeling is the sound effect of the private room. A good sound quality can bring unexpected user experience to the consumer. It is also the key to the music and singing of the entire bar and KTV sound field, and a sound quality sound system must be inseparable from high-quality entertainment professional speakers.